Ahmet Murat Özel

Ahmet Murat Özel


Specialised in Values Education.

Ahmet Murat Ozel completed his Primary and Secondary Education in Karaman, Konya. He was in Egypt between 1992-1994. He completed his Undergraduate, which he started at Al-Azhar, at Marmara University Theology Department in 1997. He completed his MA and Ph.D. in Philosophy and Tasawwuf (Sufism, Mysticism)  at Selcuk University Theology Department.

Prepared and presented TV programs on various TV channels, worked as Editor and Editorial Director in various Periodicals and Publishers. Other then published poetry books, he has several academic publications, articles and academic papers.

He is currently working at Ibn-i Haldun University as Asst. Prof. Dr and General Editor at Nihayet, a monthly culture magazine.