M. Taha Tosun

M. Taha Tosun

Specialised in Education Financing.

Mr. Tosun was born in Istanbul in 1985. After completing his college education in Kartal Anatolian IHL, he took his BA degree in “Political Science” from Istanbul Bilgi University. Mr. Tosun got his MBA Education in Sakarya University.

Mr. Tosun has started his professional life during his university study. As his first position in government sector, he joined Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as Project Consultant for European Union Financial Programs and worked three years in Social Welfare Projects field.

After being Country Manager of a Swiss consulting company, Mr. Tosun had established his own enterprise and conducted several investment projects.

Mr. Tosun worked in Government as Director and Head of India & Gulf Areas in “Turkish Prime Ministry Investment Support Agency” and attracted numbers of FDI projects to Turkey.

Then he transferred to private sector back and worked as CEO of a Real Estate Fund from Middle East.

He was among founders of AVRASYA GENCEV (Youth and Environment Association) and Board Member in AK Party (Governing Political party of Turkey) Istanbul Organization and still has memberships in several NGO’s.

As of today, besides his private enterprises in Real Estate, Media and Consulting field, Mr. Tosun has been Board Member of an international IT Group; NGN and SoB Data Center since 2013.

Mr. Tosun speaks English fluently & Arabic in medium level.