For the last decade, the world is dealing with the surges of refugees in certain areas for various reasons. In this regard, Turkey ranks second in the world in hosting refugees. The refugee problem recently became a worldwide problem of humanity rather than being confined to any region. Multi-dimensional projects are developed for refugees to be hosted appropriately in terms of human rights and universal standards. However, while doing this, when it comes to requirements and implementations, people fall into repetition, delay in intervention or act impoliticly. This situation leads to social problems in countries hosting refugees.

While there are multi-dimensional projects carried out in Turkey as a country hosting refugees, there is no database work that can ensure international coordination. This project aims to construct an efficient tool for national and international relief agencies. It will ensure refugees to receive the real aid they need more efficiently.

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Gradually increasing use of technology prepared the basis of “Information Society”. Accessing to information is increasing very rapidly.

The need of business and education worlds for “individualized information” and environments enabling the transfer of this information became evident at the present time of intensive and rapidly changing information. In recent years, many universities and big commercial companies all around the world require web-based teaching to educate their students and train their employees.

But as the current education systems offer the same content to all students, they are extremely insufficient to meet the learning needs of students with different knowledge, needs and interests. And this brings along a perception that the investments made in Educational Technology hardware fail.

Having different personality traits, possessing different learning styles, processing the information differently and preferring different sources of information differentiate the learning needs of individuals using the same environment.

In support of this general opinion, it is seen that there are so many studies in literature proving that individual differences of individuals such as cognitive abilities, experiences, visual-spatial skills etc. affect searching information in educational environments, surfing for this purpose and learning processes to a great extent.

In this context, studies directed to providing a suitable learning environment to every student confirming with their own learning needs as an alternative to traditional approach introduced a new approach: Adaptive Learning.