About Us

There are few forces that have shaped the modern world more profoundly than migration. A well-designed, pragmatic immigration and integration policy is essential in building a prosperous and secure future for countries around the world in an era of enhanced mobility.

Since its establishment in 2018, the Global Educational Research Association (Globera) has established itself as an authority and a source of innovative approaches to emotional and vocational aptitude assessment of refugees to provide better vocational education and integration. 

While Globera maintains a particular commitment to working on emotional and vocational aptitude assessment of refugees in Turkiye, it remains active around the globe and takes a global and comparative approach to migration issues when appropriate.

It is the belief of Globera, that countries need to have a sensible, well-thought-out integration approach so that immigrants and the communities in which they reside can both benefit.

To support this, Globera aims to provide following services:

  • Providing data, information, and analysis about refugees that are accessible and timely, covering the major issues regarding vocational education, emotional state and integration.
  • Contributes to the understanding of migration flows, immigration policies, and integration policies by conducting research
  • Analyzes the impact of immigration on labour markets, educational outcomes, and social cohesion, as well as the effectiveness of current immigration and integration policies
  • Organizes a series of learning opportunities around ways to address immigration and integration concerns and creates a trusted space for dialogue
  • Provides technical assistance to policymakers, practitioners, and nongovernmental organizations seeking to solve particular immigration and integration problems
  • The development of innovative policy ideas to address immigration and integration challenges in a more effective manner.