Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2025

GLOBERA is a learned society and charity committed to working for the public good by sustaining a strong and high-quality educational research community, dedicated to advancing knowledge of education within and beyond formal settings. Our charitable purpose is to encourage the pursuit of educational research and its application for both the improvement of practice and the public benefit. As a membership organization we are committed to principles of openness, integrity, and transparency and seek to uphold ethical values in all our activities and processes.

GLOBERA’s core aims are to: advance research quality, build research capacity and foster research engagement in the education field. These aims are intended to secure the health of the discipline of education going forward and strengthen the contribution educational research can make in the public domain.

This strategic plan defines how these aims translate into strategic objectives that can guide GLOBERA’s actions in the medium to long-term, ensuring a common purpose for the organisation in its many parts.


GLOBERA’s Strategic Objectives:


To advance educational research quality, we will:

  • Promote open discussion and debate about definitions of research quality, recognising that quality in research comes in many forms;
  • Exemplify and uphold the highest standards in research and ethical practice, championing high quality research and ethical practice across the full range of our activities;
  • Make our criteria transparent for judging quality in our publications, awards, ethical guidelines and decision-making processes.

To build educational research capacity, we will:

  • Encourage and actively support the diversity of our membership, seeking the maximum involvement of under-represented groups;
  • Invest in and mentor the next generation of researchers, involving emergent and early career researchers across the full range of our activities;
  • Encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary ways of working and networking, sharing knowledge across the education research community and in partnership with others.

To foster research engagement in the education field, we will:

  • Develop strategies to connect research, policy and practice in ways that benefit education and which contribute to informed democratic debate;
  • Engage with policy-makers, practitioners and the wider public in setting research agendas and to promote the use of research;
  • Seek and maintain strong relationships with peer and practitioner associations that are committed to the development of education for the public good, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

In order to meet these objectives, we will:

  • Maintain an effective, financially viable and professional organisation with effective governance and organisational mechanisms;
  • Develop and maintain the range of services provided to our members in ways that support the development of high quality research and are responsive to developments in the field;
  • Act as responsible employers, with appropriate concern for the health and welfare of our employees;
  • Remain true to our values of quality, excellence, ethical practice, inclusivity, equity and respect for diversity.

To deliver on our principles of openness, integrity, transparency and ethical practice, we will:

  • Instigate discussion of how these strategic objectives can best translate into strategic priorities for the medium to long term that align with the work of our committees;
  • Set a framework to ensure that GLOBERA remains a strategically focused organisation, able to deliver on its core charitable purposes across the range of its activities in the medium to long term;
  • Establish a timeline for the regular review of the strategic priorities, assessing how these can be aligned with GLOBERA’s central mission and purpose.